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After we said goodbye to Chris, Kristann and Madeline Sandra and I took off for Tasmania. We landed in Lanceston and then rented a car and drove around the island. We drove south to Hobart, visited Port Arthur and then drove through the mountains to Queenstown before heading back to Lanceston. We had expected an extremely lush island with lots of sheep. It turned out to be quite varied. Some parts were quite brown and dry. In the mountains it rains most of the year and have some beautiful rain forests, and by Queenstown you can see the ravishes of mining in the stripped mountainsides.

Our first hotel in Lanceston

Yummy restaurant

Cataracts gorge

Suspension Bridge

Yay, made it!


Excellent restaurant

Old district of Hobart

Southern coast

Natural pavement

Port Arthur

Legs in Irons

Church pews for solitary confinement
We visited Port Arthur which was the former prison. Many convicts were sent to Australia in the 19th century. That alone was considered punishment enough. But if someone continued to cause problems they were sent to Port Arthur.

Sandra in the English gardens

Church at Port Arthur

Country Hotel

In the rain forest

Ravages of strip mining

Walking through the rain forest

Driving through the mountains