An emptiness, not fully defined
      A yearning, at times overpowering
      Thoughts belayed, but not forgotten.
      Hope glimmers,
          Heart soars, eyes blind.
               All is well,
               a brief instant.
      The guise falls, reality returns.
      Battered will follows,
      Naively inexhaustible,
      Continuing as always.
      		Jim (Nov '91)


      I am but a shell.
      All will is gone.
      Life is awash in bleakness.
      Anguish grips my heart.
      Rejection fills my soul.
      all because of she...
      She of the raven black hair
      She with the full red lips
      She of sensuous throaty voice
      She with curves ever enticing
      she, she was not there.
                     Jim (Jul '98)


      With a rumble it rolls in
      like a huge wave on the ocean
      when it break it is like a release
      the energy is spent, the force is gone
      what remains is swept out leaving calm
      Is it but one or the first in a series
      Will it grow or is the storm passing?
      Which do I wish for?
                     Jim (Feb '99)


      Without dreams,
         there is no beauty
      Without questions,
         there is no hope
      Without struggle,
         there is no reason
      Without pain,
         there is no discovery
      Without Love
         there is nothing.
                      Jim (Jul '98)

If you...

      If you ever come to wonder,
      whom it is that causes Jim hunger,
      you don't have far to look,
      although you won't find it in a book.
      I can give you a clue,
      She has eyes of blue.
      And when she is there,
      all you can do it stare.
      Her personality is enchanting,
      he memory of her everlasting.
      Can you begin to see,
      and therefore must surely agree.
      With no one else above,
      it is Sandra I love.
                      Jim (Dec '00)

Does She?

      Does she see me catch my breath
         when she enters the room?
      Does she hear my heart jump 
         when the phone rings?
      Does she feel my blood race
         when she kisses me?
      Does she understand my sadness
         when she leaves?
      Does she realize just
         what she means to me?
      Does she know how much
         I Love Her?
      		Jim (May '97)


      Why do I feel like this?
      I wonder why, I wonder why.
      Why do I feel like this?
      I wonder why.
      		Jim ('82)

Thoughts and Feelings

      You are in my thoughts and feelings,
      You are a part of me in a way
      	undefined by words.
      When happy, my mind seeks you;
      When sad, I want to be comforted by you.
      You can see through the outer,
      	and remind me of my inner.
      You can make me wrong,
      	when I know I'm right.
      You make me pause, you make me question,
      	You make me alive!
      You are wise in your innocence
      You are fragile in your strength.
      I follow my heart,
      	but my mind is where I am.
      You came in through my heart,
      	and now you are in my mind as well.
      			Jim ('93)

Les Pluies

      Il commence a` pleuvoir, encore
      Juste comme avant
      Il y a du bon temps
      Et il y a du mauvais temps
      Mais, toujours les pluies viendront
      Le temps transforme
      Le ciel s'e'claircit
      Mais, ce n'est pas re'el
      Un autre mensonge
      Comme le leurre de liberte'
      Dans une socie'te' emprisonne'e
      Quelque chose que tu peux sentir
      Mais jamais atteindre
      Les pluies viendront toujours.
      		Jim ('91)


      They tried to factor,
      They tried to simplify,
      The even tried to differentiate;
      They squared it, multiplied it, and divided it.
      They took the integral,
      Found the unit vector.
      Broke it into components,
      And summed up its forces.
      But no matter what they did,
      How much they analyzed,
      Or attempted to explain,
      Their methods would fail them.
      For Love can neither be quantified nor qualified,
      It is that special property,
      Whose only limiting factors
      Are the two people who share it.
      		Jim ('90)


      Searching but not finding.
      Stumbling blindly,
      	Guided only by feelings.
      Every step brings me closer,
      	Every step it slides farther away.
      Always questioning, always wondering,
      	never satisfied.
      Is there a purpose, a reason.
      	Is there a light?
      The answer is irrelavent,
      	I will go on regardless.
      		Jim (Oct '95)

.....Written by Jim Mintha. Mail comments to jim@ic.uva.nl