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After a not so great trip to Romania, we didn't really feel like we had a proper holiday. So when we heard that Steve and Heather were going to be in Paris we decided to meet them there. We took the Thalys (fast train) there and spent 2 days wandering around the city. The weather was sunny and we had a great time.

Steve, Heather and Sandra

Hey, where is my body?


Taking a break

Jardin des Halles

Don't they look cute!

Notre Dame


Notre Dame by night

Paris by night

Eiffle Tower

River cruise

End of the river cruise

So Heather, Did you like it?

Tout droit, a droit, a gauche, where are we?

"It says he is a short ugly dude"

And he is!!

"No, the ugly dude is over there!"

"If only I knew what time it was"


Musee d'Orsee

There is a certain likeness here...