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In the middle of December we finally found a new apartment in Amsterdam with a bit more space. We essentially did a swap with the woman in the other apartment. She was looking for a smaller and cheaper apartment and we wanted something bigger. Given how small our old apartment was you would think that we would not have a lot of stuff to move... wrong! We ended up with 60 moving boxes which filled the moving van. Then we took another two full trips with the moving van before we had everything moved! Fortunately we had some help from Wim, Fenny, Sarah, Roxanne and Karsten - thanks guys!

Filling the boxes

The pile gets higher!

Draining the waterbed

Our last night on the floor

Emptying the kitchen

Moving the Dutch way

Down it goes...

Our moving truck

Karsten helping throw the couch out the window

There goes the washing machine
Since we were in Holland the only proper way to move was to use the hook outside the building to lower all of our stuff by rope and pulley. It turned out to be really easy and fast. Even the big things like the couch and washing machine were shoved out the window without trouble.

Our man with experience - Wim

Everyone hold on!

Our new apartment!

Our new bedroom - full!

Sleeping in the living room

Looks kind of empty


Looking out our window at the park