My Parents Visit

In front of the 'poffertjes' place

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Wondering what the heck I was doing in that small little country across the Atlantic, my parents came to visit last summer. They were relieved to find out that I was not yet wearing wooden clogs, wasn't selling hashish out of my windmill, nor sitting in my front window dressed in lingerie. Though they didn't quite understand why I was going on about things being gezellig while eating eating something scary looking that I called a kroket.

Since it wasn't raining (really!) we did some walks around Amsterdam, visited the Kinderdijk, and crossed the Afsluitdijk before they went on to see some more of Europe.

On Rokin by my work

Mom and Dad by a canal

Walking through the Jordaan

Their hotel

At Kinderdijk

A windmill!

Inside the windmill

That's going pretty fast

Picnic in the park

"I am not a crook"


Dad, Sandra and Mom

They are off for Budapest