Jim's Guide to Lingerie Shopping for Men

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Here are a few tips and techniques to help in the daunting task of a man buying lingerie for a woman. Of course the easiest way to do this is to accompany your female of interest to the lingerie shop. This way she can do all the hard parts, and the only thing you need to worry about is finding the money to pay for it! The other more difficult option is going by yourself. This has a few advantages over the former:

Of course there are some disadvantages too:

However after a bit of practice it's as easy as buying engine oil, but a heck of a lot more fun. (Note: There was a report of someone actually having more fun with the oil, but that's a different story)

Before you even get to the store there are some things you need to know. First off is size, this is critical. The item you buy has to fit. The easiest way to figure out what size to buy is to go snooping through her underwear drawer. (ignore any strange shaped devices you may find, these are for medicinal purposes) (Of course you could ask her the sizes, but that would take the fun out of it) First off is bras, they should have a little size tag close to the clasp. It should be something like 36C. The 36 is the chest measurement, and 'C' is the cup size, so a large woman with a flat chested might be 42A, and a small woman that is stacked could be 32D. This size is not exact and can vary, for instance a woman who takes a 36D will probably also fit a 38C. The sizes for panties are easier they come in small, medium, and large, again check the labels of the ones she's bought.

Next most important thing is colour, choose the wrong colour and you may never see her wear it. Once again checking what she already has can be a help here. You do have a little room to experiment though, if you really like a colour, buy it, worst that can happen is she won't like it.

All right, armed with this knowledge head out to your friendly neighbourhood lingerie shop. Take your time, look around. Because you are a guy (and therefore probably ready to spend money) you will be rapidly approached by a sales woman. These people are a great source of information. They can translate: "I'm looking for something that, you know kinda [hand gestures..], kinda like the cosmo cover, but not really" into "Oh, your looking for our 'Passionette ultra-lift underwire bra'" ... "Uh, ya that's right" (however, be wary of the "Would you like me to try it on for you?" that only leads to trouble) Don't be pressured into buying what the sales woman shows you, and don't worry about leaving without buying something, even if they spent a lot of time with you.

Another things to consider is comfort. Remember that she has to wear what you buy. What does the fabric feel like? Does it look comfortable? If it doesn't look comfortable it probably isn't, and if it isn't comfortable she probably won't wear it very often.

All right, you're ready to shop. Just don't forget your credit card, it adds up fast!


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