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After more than a year, Sandra finally could enjoy her birthday present. Due to the foot-and-mouth disease in Ireland we were not able to go any sooner. We first thought of going to Southern Ireland, but the air ticket to Northern Ireland (also known as Ulster) with Easy Jet was so much cheaper that we decided to go to Belfast. We biked almost 400 km in 6 days. The weather was great considering we were in Ireland. We only had one day of just rain. On the other days we stayed mostly dry and we even saw the sun during parts of the day. We will definitely go back to this beautiful 'green' country.

Here we go again

We could leave the boxes at the airport

And now we can go biking!

Our first B&B

Where shall we go?

Nice bathroom, eh?!

Street to Drumcree Hill
Just a little bit of history:
The Orange Order is a Protestant religious organisation in different parts of the world. For one day each July since 1807, local Orangeman in Portadown have paraded to and from a religious service at the little parish church on Drumcree Hill.

Drumcree Parish Church

Time for a short break

Lunch break in Moy

Our B&B in Cookstown with Derek

There are the mountains again

Wow, it is quiet here

We almost made it to the top

B&B in Londonderry

Inside of the house

This is our own cottage

Biking along the river

Luckily there are some ' bike' lanes

Ireland hilly?!

Oooh, it is fun to go downhill
It was supposed to be a short bike ride from Londonderry to Coleraine, until Sandra found a really nice bike route: the best in Northern Ireland. That it involved three more hours of biking and lots of climbing, did not seem to bother her. The scenery was great, but three more hours of biking

Wow, great view from here

Is that Colerain yet?

Where do we have to walk?!

We made it to another B&B


More coastline

And more

Biking along the Causeway Coast

Close to the Giant's Causeway

Finally, the Giant's Causeway

Where is Jim? Oh there he is.

Sandra on the Rocks

After so much biking we needed some luxury

Is it not wonderful?!

The university quarter of Belfast

The botanic gardens in Belfast

Our last B&B in Antrim