Jim in front of our new closet

What else can we say, it is Holland after all

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After looking for a bigger appartment for nearly three years, we almost had given hope. But Jim had the optimistic view that if we would start fixing up our house, we would be bound to find a house soon. I had no such hope but it turned out he was right. Anyways, we started with a new closet, a new wooden floor in the kitchen and new carpet in our living room.

First vaccuum the old carpet

Then move all the stuff to the bedroom

This looks good enough, doesn't it?

Trust me honey, the water won't come out of the tank

How do I hold this thing?

I am busy can't you see?!

Sandra is concentrating

"I am having fun with my new tool"

This is so much fun, isn't it?!

The last bit

Jim is looking proudly at our new floor

And there is our new floor!

After 6 months we found a new appartment and we could start all over again. New wooden floors in the kitchen, carpet in the living room (thanks for your help Paul) and the hall way. But first the walls and the ceiling needed to be painted. This is ofcourse the first step: we still need to paint the kitchen and 'Sandra's room', move the washing machine and the dryer into the bathroom, fix up the electricity. But that is a whole new webpage!

The old kitchen floor

Work in progress

Almost there

New kitchen!


Sandra painting

Taking out the old floor

Living room with new carpet

Taken from another ankle

And now we need to buy a new couch
that goes with the carpet