Caving in Belgium

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Organised by Jaap van Gingel and Leon Raijmann a group of people from my work went to belgium and did some caving. It was a lot of fun and a new experience for most of us. Stay tuned to find out what we do this year!

Into the Ardennes

Getting ready to get dirty!

Getting ready

Looking all clean!

Walking to our doom the caves

Climbing down

Down we go

"Will this really hold me?"

Kinda smoky in here!

I can do it!

Which way is up?

Tight fit

"We have to go down there?"

"Hey get your boot out of my face!"

"Do I still have my head?"

"I do!"

"You want me to go up there?"

Resting for a minute

Hard work!

"Let me just lie here!"

Long way down

All dirty now!

Getting changed

All in favour of a beer...

Is dinner ready?

Looks good!