Campervan Adventures Part 2

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After we finished visiting friends and relatives in Brisbane we had to turn around and head back towards Sydney. We took a bit more inland route this time and were able to visit some wineries. After two weeks we were back in Sydney with a total of 1400km on the campervan. Sadly we had to say goodbye to Chris, Kristann and Madeline, but hopefully we will see them again soon!

Kangaroo and his campervan

Another kangaroo!

A man with a mission

Queen Mary Falls

A little off balance?

A lizard

More Kangaroos


Some rocks lying around

At the top of the hill

Big rock (in the background!!)

Our campervan is down there somewhere!

"Me strong"



Wood nymph

Camping in the mountains

Just the girls

Hi There!

"I wanna go swimming!"


Last boogie board

Don't look so sad

Packing up

End of the road