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Sydney, Australia
Jim T. Mintha

Things have been a bit busy in Jim's World and as a consequence we have missed a few issues. On the positive side we have a lot of new material so enjoy the read.
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A lot has happened in the last year. Since we gave up hope of ever finding a new apartment we decided to do a bit of work to fix things up. Of course this just meant that as soon as that was done we would find a new apartment which we did. We're not complaining though because it is great! Much more room and a great location. Of course moving was hell but with some help from friends we finally got all our stuff into the new apartment. Physicists are still doing investigations as it seems we could not physically have had this much stuff in our old apartment! Since we had some practice fixing up things, we had to apply those skills to the new apartment.

In the early summer my parents came to Amsterdam to visit and we drove all around the country as only people from large car-centric country can. In the summer we had a grand plan to do a bike trip through Romania. Unfortunately a few days into the trip something went wrong with my kidney which means we had to come back to Holland. However those few days were great and we plan to finish the trip hopefully this year.

Not having had a proper trip we took two smaller trips. We met up with my friends from Canada, Steve and Heather, in Paris and then took a week to catch some sun in Tenerife. We also found some time to crawl around in some caves in Belgium with some of my collegues.

The big event though was our four week trip to Australia this past February. It had been exactly 10 years since we had first met each other in Australia so it seemed appropriate to return and see if things had changed. While there we met up with our friends Chris, Kristann and their baby Madeline. We spent a couple weeks touring around with them in a big campervan which was great fun.

If all that wasn't enough we spent New Years with Bregje and Matthijs in Belgium, and I took some flying lessons! Of course life still goes on in Amsterdam. My Dutch conversation group is going strong, and even took some time to take some pictures around Amsterdam.

Most recently Sandra's brother Paul and Jeannine got married and after the wedding Sandra and I went to Ireland for a small bike trip.

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