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Canada and Poland
Jim T. Mintha

What does Maple Syrup and Kielbassa have to do with each other? Absolutely nothing, except that they are representative of two of the places we just visited. In July Iwona was heading back to Poland after two years in the Netherlands. Figuring that there was no way that any train/bus/airplace would let her take all of the stuff that she had back with her, we volunteered to drive her to Poland in exchange for a tour of the country. Well we underestimated both how big the country was, and just how much stuff Iwona had to bring. You can read more about the Poland trip

Our next big trip was to Canada. We spent a week in Vancouver and Maple Ridge seeing friends and a whole lot of family at the Tryon Family Reunion. After that we loaded up our bikes and did a two week bike vacation through the Okanagan. After living in the extremely flat Netherlands for two years it was a bit of a challenge with all the hills. See how we did here.

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