Sunday January 31, 1999 Amsterdam Edition

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November, 98 Edition
The Wall Falls!

Jim breaks through
J. T. Mintha


In the everlasting quest for knowledge, wisdom and space for a bigger bed, Jim and Sandra decided to remove the wall between the two bedrooms to create one big room. What seemed like a fairly simple job at first soon turned difficult. As they began to rip down the wall they discovered that part of the wall was concrete. "If in doubt use a larger hammer" Jim quipped. After much hammering smashing and other assorted noise-making activities the wall was down. Unfortunately what used to be the wall was now lying as a heap of debris on the floor.
After the floor was cleaned up it was noticed that one floor had an extra layer of plywood on it. It was quickly decided that it would be necessary to add a new layer to floor on the other side as well. A quick trip to the hardware store later the diligent workers were laying a new floor, a task that would have been a fair bit easier if they had had an electric saw. While Jim did not have any comment on this he was heard grumbling about stores not being open on Sunday.

In the end everything was accomplished and a good nights sleep was had by all.