Sunday November 8, 1998 Amsterdam Edition


Coworkers Exposed!

Follow Jim on a walk to his work!

Celebrity Gambler

Jim Relocates!

Jim's family wishes him well at the airport
J. T. Mintha


In a bold move Jim Mintha packed up everything he owned and bid Vancouver, his home since birth, goodbye; or rather "tot ziens". His destination the city of Amsterdam. Although speculation as to the reasons for his move has run rampant, it appears that the primary reason for his move is his Dutch girlfriend. When questioned Jim admitted "Yeah, she's pretty swell".
He also revealed that he will be beginning work at a new job at the University of Amsterdam. No one was too surprised when he mentioned it was a computer job.

Although he did not have much to say to reporters when he arrived at the airport in Amsterdam, he did have one response when asked what his future plans were, "Plans! Plans are evil - don't ever ask me what my plans are!"